Serpentimes is the club magazine of the Serpentine Running Club. The club has members across London and beyond, all active in athletics. We are here to tell their many varied stories. Please contact the editor of Serpentimes with any comments, questions or ideas.

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A great team of people have put in hard work and creativity to pull Serpentimes together. In the individual issues we give a short bio of the writers and thanks to them. However, behind the scenes we have a great crew of sub-editors who don’t get their names on the page but deserve a big thank you. They are Daisy Gladstone, Michelle Homden, Kirsty Mansfield, Luke Parker, and Anoushka der Sarkissian. James Edgar formats the photos that appear in all our stories. Grace Mackintosh Sim does our illustrations – check out her website. We have also used a variety of photos from various people – thank you to everyone who has contributed pictures to bring the content alive. And finally huge thanks are due to Derry Lozano-Hoyland for putting together the beautiful site you are reading.