Issue Four

“A race over a distance chosen for no good reason, between runners who are mostly incapable of winning it, to commemorate an event which almost certainly never happened” - one definition of the marathon, the blue-riband distance of the running world. The marathon holds a true fascination so this issue we explore the distance from several angles… More

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    Marathon History

    Did Pheidippides really run a marathon and then keel over dead on the battlefield? John Stoneman explores the history of the marathon

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    Track is the New Black

    Track sessions are popular Serpie staples but can be nerve-wracking for newcomers. Nat and Tom explore the welcoming Monday night sessions

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    Serpentine Handicap – Heart of the Club

    The monthly Handicap has been running since the month of the Editor’s birth in 1982. Diana Valk looks at the race at the heart of Serpentine

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    Two Hours: The Quest to Run the Impossible Marathon

    Jolyon Attwooll talks to Ed Caesar about his highly praised first book “Two Hours: The Quest to Run the Impossible Marathon"

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    A is for Abingdon

    Lloyd returns to running after 30 years, and finds a larger narrative as one thing builds on another to lead to the Abingdon Marathon.

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    London Marathon JB

    Don’t Look Left

    A four-hour finisher’s guide to the London Marathon

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    Heading in the Right Direction

    John Stoneman talks to Serpie, ultra runner and race director of the Stour Valley Path 100 Matt Hearne.

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    Virtual Icosathlon

    How do you pronounce it? And what is it? Nicola Barberis explains the competition and fun of completing all 20 track and field events

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    Serpie Book Club He Said, She Said

    The first rule of Serpie book club: no running accounts. Can that be right? David and Kristin give us.....contrasting perceptions

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    Paced to Perfection

    Daisy speaks to two Serpies who help others achieve their race goals.

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    Serpie Crush

    No apps, no swiping, no profile. Go on. Be Brave. Toe the start line of love.

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    The First Serpie Pub

    A number of pubs have played host to our members over the past thirty-five years. Kim Boursnell returns to the very first Serpie pub.

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    Serpie Quiz

    Let’s celebrate some of the wonderful achievements of our club members, past and present with a little quiz.