Serpie Crush

Illustration credit: Grace Sim (

No apps, no swiping, no profile. Go on. Be Brave. Toe the start line of love.

If you’ve spotted a Serpie that makes your heart race faster than your 800m pace, someone to share rest days, ice-packs and cakes with, why not let them know? Involve yourself fully in our Dating-Club-with-a-Running-Problem and send your messages to the Editor – who knows what course you’ll end up on? [Editor’s note: any messages sent to me are unlikely to lead to any sort of result…]


TO THE GUY with London marathon t-shirt and black shorts who asked me what my marathon PB was during the first part of the three-parks run. I was trying to answer but I think you were running faster than the 7 minute mile pace for our group. I couldn’t breathe so had to slow down, but watched you run into the distance before you disappeared out of sight behind some dog walkers. I’d like to see you again, and tell you about my marathon PB. The girl in the New York marathon t-shirt and blue shorts.


TO THE GIRL who has nice hair at the Royal Oak on Wednesday. I think you are wonderful! What races do you have coming up? Are you training for anything? What is your best age grading? Hope to find out all about you. From the quiet guy in the corner (3:11:54 marathon runner).


TO THE GUY who showered and changed before wine and cheese night in the club room. You were like a breath of fresh air. I forgot to ask your name but I’ll be at the next wine and cheese night. Hope to see you. The woman in the white dress with matching handbag.


TO THE GUY who fell over a dog at the handicap. I wanted to help you but I was chasing a PB (which I got) and I couldn’t find you afterwards. I hope that wasn’t you going off in an ambulance. Will you be at the Tuesday track session? From the girl who trod on your hand when you were lying on top of the dog.


TO THE GIRL at track on Tuesday. We did our cool down exercises next to each other. I asked you how your run was. You said it was tough. I couldn’t think of anything else to say. Hope to see you next Tuesday and speak again.

Samantha Day took up running and Serpie Membership in 2013. She usually prefers running around in the woods but has been known to chase down fridge-carriers and turkeys in the odd road race.

Grace Sim did the illustration for this article. Go and see her artwork in person - she has an Open Art Studio event in Oxfordshire in May, 13th-21st. See her website (link below) for more details.