Sports Podcast Round Up


Looking for something to help you through that long run? Isabel Sachs introduces us to some of her favourite sports podcasts.

Some of us are so ecstatic after a long run or good workout that when that’s done we want an extra shot of sports in our lives. Or we want to hear about sport while doing it.

I for one listen to podcasts all day long and even have a few sleeping podcast options.  So, to start 2020 with full energy, here is a round-up of some great sports podcasts to get you going! When possible I’ve included websites for these podcasts, but all can be found on your favourite podcast platform (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Overcast, etc.).

Athletes Interviewing Athletes

  • Keeping-Track

One of the newest additions to the podcast game, Keeping-Track was created by Olympians Alysia Montano, Molly Huddle and Roisin McGettigan, highlighting stories and topics in women’s sports. Episodes are an average of 50 minutes and include interviews with Shalane Flanagan on her recent move to coaching, Emily Sisson and more.

  • C. Tolle Run

Paula Radcliff, Des Linden and many more amazing guests get real in informal conversations with Olympian Carrie Tollefson.

  • The Running for Real Podcast

Elite marathoner Tina Muir had a severe case of amenorrhea, i.e. lack of periods, and now uses her podcast to talk with fellow athletes but also experts, from sports psychologists and beyond. Her show notes are very thorough and a good source of all-around information. Good for longer runs, with episodes usually over one hour.

Runners Like Us

“Just your average runners” Ali Feler and Lindsey Hein both hold an impressive array of interviews with athletes such as Des Linden, Gabe Grunewald, Molly Huddle, Lauren Fleshman and Jesse Thomas, Amelia Boone and Gwen Jorgensen, as well as key running players like David Willey, Former Editor in Chief of Runner’s World.

  • Ali on the Run Show

Ali is hilarious and has an amazing energy, so she is my personal go-to podcast for days when I need a bit of help getting out the door. I love her mix of interviews with everyday runners, pacers and elite athletes but an all-time highlight is the interview with Roberta Groner, 2:29 marathoner, nurse, and mum of three.

  • I’ll have another with Lindsey Hein

Lindsey Hein is a special inspiration to all mothers as she has three boys, plus a series of side hustles. I particularly enjoyed her conversations with Olympic Gold Medallist Gwen Jorgensen, a triathlete turned long distance runner, and with runner, entrepreneur and plus-size model Candide Huffine. Great for runs over 50 minutes.

Coaches’ Corner

Ranging from interviews, advice and talks with experts, these podcasts are delivered by running coaches with great pearls of wisdom, tackling almost any subject in the running/endurance world.

  •  The Weekly Word

The Weekly Word’s host, Chris Hauth, is Rich Roll’s coach and an endurance athlete himself. His voice is low and soothing, and the podcast is packed full of deep content, so this one is best enjoyed during recovery (or before sleep!).

  • Strength Running Podcast

This podcast provides solid advice on how to improve as a runner with episodes on how to run faster, how to tackle strength training, hill workouts and plenty of pearls of wisdom from coaches like Mario Fraioli and Jason Koop, as well as a nice conversation with Meb Keflezighi on the occasion of his book launch ’26 Marathons’.

For the Injury Prone or Injured Runner

  • Doc on the Run

This podcast has a fantastic archive of pretty much any issue related to running, delivered in short episodes, so you can find out what to do with that niggle in 10 minutes or less. I found a lot of helpful tips on how to keep running with a sesamoid (a small bone embedded in the tendons or muscles of the foot) injury.

  • The Injured Athletes Club

A podcast that’s not only an amazing friend during those injured and down times, but also a great listen even when you’re (hopefully) unbroken, as the conversations are very interesting and offer plenty of actionable tips to keep you healthy and injury-free. Presented by mental skills coach Carrie Jackson Cheadle and journalist Cindy Kuzma who interview athletes, researchers, clinicians, and others in the field about how to cope with sports injuries and the mental side of recovery. A highlight: Paralympian Amanda McGrory shares her experiences and helps us all change our perspective on things.

More Sports Talk That Doesn’t Fall into a Clever Category

  • Hurdle

Created by journalist and trainer Emily Abbade, this podcast has a serious collection of interesting conversations, from the founders of Altra and On Running to Peloton’s superstar Robin Arzon. Emily is a very positive interviewer and lets the guests shine. Around 50 minutes long.

  • The Road to the Olympics Trials

This short podcast series focuses on eight elite runners, four men and four women, sharing their training, racing and goals in their lead-up to the Olympic Marathon Trials in Atlanta in February 2020. Featuring Jared Ward, Kellyn Taylor, Roberta Groner, Parker Stinson, Lou Serafini, Sarah Bishop, John Raneri and Dr Stefanie Flippin.  Around 50 min long and good for anyone who wants in on some training secrets, especially around speed.

Isabel Sachs has been a card carrying Serpie since 2017 when she ran her first (and to this day only) marathon in Paris, Hailing from Brazil, she is a total book geek and coffee addict.

Grace Mackintosh Sim did the illustration for this article. Go and have a look round her website (link below).