Taking to the Trails for Christmas: A Photo Essay

Xmas-trail-trip-headline (2)

Hisayo Kawahara gives us a sneak peek into last year’s Serpie Trail Running Christmas trip to Wales.

Every year, the Serpie Trail Running group organises a getaway in between Christmas and New Year for a time of trail running and socialising in some of the most beautiful parts of Britain. In addition to offering amazing views and a well-needed break from the city, these trips allow the participants to meet new people and try out their trail running skills on runs ranging from beginner-friendly jogs to 20-mile treks.  Last year’s trip was based out of Corris, a small village in a picturesque part of southern Snowdonia. What better subject for a photo essay? If looking at these photos inspires you to don your trail shoes and take to the hills, please join some of the other Serpie social trail runs.

Day 1 – 27 December, 2019

Photo credit: Hisayo Kawahara

A group of 28 Serpies arrived in the Corris Hostel!!!  The hostel welcomed us with the Christmas display.

Photo credit: Hisayo Kawahara

A small group went out for a short run over the hill near the hostel to see the feel of Welsh mountains. The run was led by Alan Hall.

Photo credit : Catharine Sowerby

Food preparation underway in the kitchen.  Calum getting very serious on the task.

Day 2 – 28 December, 2019

Photo credit: Hisayo Kawahara

The big group shot in the morning at the car park.  Everyone is getting ready for a big day.

Photo credit: Hisayo Kawahara

Indranil on the gate duty.

Photo credit: Hisayo Kawahara

Three gorgeous Serpies ladies on the hill looking over the Welsh mountains.

Photo credit: Anne Bennett

Back in the hostel, muddy trainers need to be dried.  (By the way, we were advised by the hostel that this would cause the fire hazard.  So, please don’t do this again.)

Photo credit: Hisayo Kawahara

Sarah, the lead chef of the night.

Day 3 – 29 December 2019

Photo credit: Anne Bennett

The team led by Catharine Sowerby headed up to the top of Cadar Idris.  Catharine dutifully sweeping the back.

Photo credit: a stranger on the hill

The team led by Alan Hall reached the summit of Cadar Idris in the mist – a very happy moment.

Photo credit: Anne Bennett

Catharine attending the broken boot on the hill.

Photo credit: Anne Bennett

The team led by Catharine descending from Cadar Idris.  Very slippery surface, and everyone is being extra careful not to fall.

Photo credit: Deepa Bala

Indranil, Peter, and Calum back to the car park, and stretching their tired legs with style.

Hisayo Kawahara has been a Serpentine member since 2011. She walks, hikes, camps, runs, and skis in the mountains, and organises social trail runs for the club on the weekends. She is on a mission to spread her love of trail running and the great outdoors in the club.