The Top 9 Excuses for Not Going to Lanzarote 2019 – Debunked!

One of the lovely Club La Santa pools (Photo credit: Charlie Frith)

Are you on the fence about going to Lanzarote? Kristin Duffy shows us why there is no excuse for missing out on this year’s trip.

1.     I’m not fit enough to keep up

The Lanzarote trip really does cater to all levels, even in the coached sessions. There are multiple lanes for pool swimming (starting with ‘pretty darn slow/do your own thing’ up to ‘super-fast hardcore training’), several led cycling groups that go out for rides of all distances (from easy social rides leading to CAKE to testing out the Ironman Lanzarote course), and run sessions that focus on technique, not just speed (plus some nice, quick race situations, too). Besides, how do you expect to get fit if you don’t go train?!

2.     I just want to lay by the pool on my holiday

Fair enough! Everyday life is challenging and lazy holidays are great. Club La Santa has three pools, including a very large leisure pool with loads of sun loungers, not to mention the lagoon, complete with sandy beach. There is also a wellness centre with spa, massage options and beauty treatments, and the opportunity to indulge in the amazing stretch and relax classes offered by the resort.

Photographic evidence that the Lanza trip is not all run/bike/swim...sometimes it's Pétanque! (Photo credit: Alexandre Bernigaud)

3.     I only holiday with my spouse/partner/best friend

Bring them! Non-members are welcome to join and can enjoy all that Club La Santa has to offer, even if you want to head off cycling or running without them. And Serpentine members, such as Alex and Jo Elferink, have brought their children on the trip as well. The onsite “Green Team” offers activities for children throughout the day, so there’s potential for a bit of down time for hard-working parents!

4.     It’s too expensive

Can you really put a price on holiday memories and spending time with friends? If you must quibble, there are lodging options that sleep up to six, so the more, the merrier… and the more affordable. There is a grocery store onsite if you don’t want to spend all of your money eating out. Plus, the trip really does include a lot. Accommodation, first night BBQ, last night meal and Serpentine coaching is all part of the deal, not to mention all of the activities available at the resort (windsurfing, yoga, ballroom dancing classes and a really cheesy club, to name a few). And there are different optional Serpie activities throughout the week, including a curated wine tasting by legendary Serpie, Manuel Moreno.

5.     I HATE flying Thomas Cook

So don’t. This year, you get to book your own flight, so go as cheap or as fancy as you like. Don’t just book it, Thomas Cook it… or let British Airways “To fly. To serve,” you. The choice is yours. Book now for the best options and deals!

Train to your heart's content (Photo credit: Blanche Armstrong)

6.     I’m on a strict training schedule

So come train on your schedule in Lanza! There are coached options throughout the day, every day, or swim, bike and/or run to your heart’s content on your own schedule. And if you’d like a training buddy, there’s almost always someone who will want to train with you.

7.     I need mental stimulation on holiday

Despite the holiday being focused on the physical, there are activities to stretch your brain too. Serpentine hosts a very popular quiz night, you can geek out with Club La Santa’s sports science programmes, or tour around the island to see the work of Cesar Manrique, an artist and architect who left an ecological legacy on the island.

8.     I prefer the grey, cold weather of jolly old England in March

Well then you better stay home. In the three trips I’ve taken to Lanzarote, I’ve experienced one rainy day, which wasn’t cold. Of course, the weather isn’t guaranteed, but I’m betting that it will be nicer in Lanza than in England.

9.     I went a while back and those rooms are grotty!

Not anymore! The recently refurbished rooms are way less student-accommodation and way more chic-resort-living. They are spacious and clean with well-equipped kitchens, if you prefer to cook your own meals. There are also now waterfront restaurants and some extra areas for outdoor classes and fun.

So how about you stop making excuses and BOOK?!?

For more information on the 2019 trip, check out the Serpentine website, email or speak to your friendly Lanza organisers, Charlie Frith, Ahlem Ben Gueblia or Rob Whitmarsh.

Deadline for booking is December, but you know you’ll get busy with Christmas or cross-country or work or training, so why wait?

Kristin Duffy is a slow runner, but a fast talker. Despite the dichotomy, she loves to do both.